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Browse the Events at our Local Restaurant in Altamonte Springs, FL

Most events have been postponed until further notice.

We believe that our customers deserve to enjoy themselves each and every day, which is why we like to plan fun bar events. When the time is right, we will resume tastings & promotional happenings.



Special Offers at our Local Sports Bar

You will find occasional promotions and activities on our calendar for bar events so you can plan your perfect night out. You’ll find some of our most popular food and drinks on our list of specials, too. We even celebrate weekends with exciting offers like $3 well known brand highballs, $14 Import/$12 domestic buckets of beer, and awesome shot deals! Have a great time without emptying your wallet at Kiwi’s Pub & Grill.


Fun Bar Events

We give all our customers the chance to showcase their talents and participate in various bar events. Apart from following sporting events like NASCAR and NFL, we host competitions of popular bar sports like dart challenges, hosted trivia, Megatouch competitions, NTN trivia, and poker contests weekly.


Excellent Offers During Sporting Events

We understand that our customers get hungry and love to have our scrumptious food and refreshing drinks when they are enjoying their favorite sports. Visiting your favorite bar and grill area in town now just became even more enjoyable! Visit us and enjoy something new every day!

Kiwi Slang

Kiwi slang

Pommie: Also known as a 'pom,' this refers to someone from Britain. (See also 'Whingeing Pom & Pommie Bastard')

Rattle Your Dags: "Get a move on" or "Hurry up."

Sheila: Generic term for women.

Shout: The act of providing something for people, usually meaning to take turns buying a round of drinks at a bar/pub, "It's Joe's shout."

Stuck In: As in 'to get stuck in,' to become involved in working on something.

Sweet and Sweet As: Broadly used to indicate general agreement, "I can meet you after work if you like," "Sweet!"; or used to describe something highly regarded or "That's a sweet motorcycle!", "This concert is going to be sweet as!"

Ta: "Thanks" or often used in requests in place of 'please,' as in "I'll have a botle of orange juice, ta."

Kiwi's Pub & Grill
801 WSR 436, Suite #1017
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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