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We believe that our customers deserve to enjoy themselves each and every day, which is why we like to plan fun bar events. We have an amazing trivia host, Tom - with Big Trivia Show,  who challenges your knowlege Wednesday nights between 8 & 10 pm. Three separate rounds with three sets of prizes each round. Come play one, or play them all - no pressure! No limit on team sizes here. 



Kiwi slang

Pommie: Also known as a 'pom,' this refers to someone from Britain. (See also 'Whingeing Pom & Pommie Bastard')

Rattle Your Dags: "Get a move on" or "Hurry up."

Sheila: Generic term for women.

Shout: The act of providing something for people, usually meaning to take turns buying a round of drinks at a bar/pub, "It's Joe's shout."

Stuck In: As in 'to get stuck in,' to become involved in working on something.

Sweet and Sweet As: Broadly used to indicate general agreement, "I can meet you after work if you like," "Sweet!"; or used to describe something highly regarded or "That's a sweet motorcycle!", "This concert is going to be sweet as!"

Ta: "Thanks" or often used in requests in place of 'please,' as in "I'll have a botle of orange juice, ta."